Vacuum Therapy is a modern version of the ancient Chinese Cupping but done by machine instead of using manually. Vacuum therapy now became more and more popular alternative treatment in slimming, body toning, detoxification, relaxation, anti-cellulite, pain management and circulation. Whether you look for instant back stiffness relief,  abdomen reduction or get rid of cellulite in a fast and effective way, the results are amazing!  Side effects are minimal and may involve some bruising or soreness in the areas treated.


Gives you a relaxing, deep, comfortable massage while increasing circulation, collagen synthesis, and exfoliation of the skin. Through the suction produced by the vacuum appliance the toxins stores in the cells are transported to the lymph system and disposed of. After the vacuum facial the skin feels fresh and can breathe again. A slight redness may appear.

45 minutes       $ 80           with any facial treatment   $ 40


Based on mixing two techniques, deep massage and negative pressure, vacuum massage helps to reduce stress, sooth back pain, relieve muscle tensions fibers and connective tissue and increases metabolism to the treated area through increased local blood , boost the immunity level and get rid of toxins.  Vacuum massage can be performed on all body parts. Smoother, firmer and tighter skin after few treatments. To achieve a long lasting effect the treatment should be performed in series.

15 / 30 minutes       $ 25 / 50


This treatment was developed in Germany in 1990 in case of venous and lymphatic issues and it is widely used now in rehabilitation centers after sports injuries and vascular complaints. With the aid of normal and low pulsing pressure it enhances lymphatic flow and improves blood flow in the vessels and muscles. Vacuum therapy has a strong physiological effect on the removal of lymphatic waste products, in other words a lymphatic drainage takes place. The related raise in pH value often entails a strengthening of the connective tissue, leading to an increase of collagen synthesis as well as improved fat reduction.

15 / 30 minutes       $ 25 / 50