The greatest, fastest and longest lasting results are achieved by combining intense electronic muscle stimulation with reducing toxic levels of the body.  Results are visible and measurable after the very first treatment.

Our detoxifying body lymphatic drainage naturally help you to get rid of the harmful toxins which build up in the body, retain water and prevent you from losing weight. 


EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) is a cutting edge technology used world wide for slimming, toning, reshaping, cellulite reduction and firming abs, pecs, biceps, triceps, legs, buttocks, and for building muscle definition. EMS machines “TRANSION”, “ISOGEI” and “LYNFOGEI” used at Sunflower were developed in Italy and had a smashing success for decades in more than 120 countries. Revolutionary body slimming and firming treatments reshape any areas of your body in just 15 minutes. These are the best muscle stimulator that you have ever found. 

Benefits of Electronic Muscle Stimulators

  • Relaxation of muscle tension and joint stiffness
  • Reduce the muscle atrophy and build muscles
  • Training muscle ability to contract when muscle fibers lose it
  • Increase blood circulation and manage chronic pain
  • Help with water retention and lymphatic drainage

People with pace makers, insulin pumps, high blood pressure, metal insertions in treated areas or pregnant should not use EMS.

Up to 3 areas or face lift       45 minutes   $80       with any facial   $40      Packages  5 (25%off)  10 (35%off) 

Body slimming package or face lift     5 / 10 sessions    $300 / 520

Abdomen or arms      5 / 10 sessions    $225 / 390


This treatment includes our EMS slimming, vacuum therapy and Gua Sha treatment.

A complete individual programs for intensive cellulite reduction includes slimming and detoxifying treatments which are safe and natural. In spite of the statement that “there is no cure for cellulite“, we can prove to you that there is and it does not include liposuction. EMS uses the machine to contract the muscles and burn the fat and sugar which results in slimming and tightening of the skin. Both our vacuum and Gua Sha therapy dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite, clears stagnation and reduces fat deposits, improves the skin elasticity, tones the body and improves skin oxygenation. 

75 minutes       $ 120          Packages  5 (25%off)  / 10 (35%off)     $450 / 780



This treatment includes our EMS slimming, vacuum therapy and a slimming wrap. EMS slimming or Electronic muscle stimulation uses our high tech machines to stimulate the muscles in the body. Vacuum therapy reduces the appearance of cellulite, clears stagnation, reduces fat deposits, improves the skin elasticity and oxygenation. Lastly our slimming wrap detoxifies the body, reduces water retention, and promotes circulation by compressing the skin using Grapefruit seed extract and an Aloe Vera blend making it more firm and tight. All three treatments are done focusing on the abdomen area.

75 minutes       $ 120          Packages  5 (25%off)  / 10 (35%off)     $450 / 780


An efficient healthy lymphatic system is essential for health and beauty, giving everything from clear skin to defeating cellulite. Fluid retention damages the functions of the body and it is proven to be the precursor to obesity. Our unique Italian LINFOGEI machine designed censoring and adjusting lymphatic circulation  synchronically with the heartbeat providing full body detox and oxygenation. We also offer Face Lymphatic Drainage.

Main effects of body lymphatic stimulation:

  • Immediate well-being
  • Liquid retention, lymph and hemo edemas, swelling, cellulite, an excess of toxins
  • Anti-edemas, eyebags
  • Improvement of microcirculation
  • Helps to detoxify the body

$ 100                with any facial   $50                  with slimming package   2 for $ 100 


Also known as scraping, this ancient Chinese therapy provides many results and can also be done on the face as our Gua Sha Facial. This technique provides immediate pain relief, increases blood circulation all while detoxing the body. Gua Sha also assists in the reduction of inflammation, congestion and cellulite. Can be used to target specific problem areas such as the back, legs, arms, etc.

30 minutes       $ 50