The attitude that skin care and other spa services is a feminine pursuit is changing. More and more men are becoming concerned with good grooming and health as they should be.

Men need to care for their skin no less than women do. They tend to work under harsher conditions and get greater exposure to pollution therefore their skin needs more attention than they think.

We offer for men the same full range of services offered to women but we do treat men in a different way to suit their male’s skin needs.


Because men produce more sebum, they also tend to have more acneprone skin than women do. The scraping action of daily shaving causes irritation, which can be a major problem in men’s skin care. Where an acne skin condition is present, shaving can also cause inflammation and abrasion.

If possible, shave before coming in for a facial treatment. A beard will limit treatment to hairless areas.

European Facial     60 / 90 minutes       $ 90 / 130

Severe Acne Facial     60 / 75 minutes       $ 100 / 120


At Sunflower we do not just focus on our female clients but we also give great care to our males too. When we do our men’s waxing we serve to the special needs of men’s hair and waxing removes every hair from anywhere comfortably. It leaves your skin smooth, without any irritation and it is good for large body areas such as legs, back, chest and arms as well as for small facial areas-eyebrows and ears.

Back or front:          full / partial     $ 60 / 20 and up

Legs          upper or lower / knees / feet and toes     $ 40 / 10 / 15 and up

Arms          full / underarms / shoulders / hands and fingers     $ 50 / 20 / 20 / 15 and up

Head          eyebrow / neck (back or front) / ears / inner nose     $ 20 / 25 / 25 / 20

Waxing prices are subject to change depending on hair type and amount.