The therapeutic benefits of Cupping were known since ancient times. At Sunflower we use  a modified and simplified version of the wonderful ancient cupping therapy the LipoCups™. LipoCups™ are used for creating a  suction to mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing, move the stagnation, loosen the fat deposits, and reduce muscle tension and cellulite. LipoCups™ are made of flexi medical silicone material, which allows the creation of suction by squeezing and releasing the cup. The vacuum draws blood to the surface of the skin, oxygenating the body and removing toxins. LipoCups™ creates exciting new treatments which will impress you with incredible healing and pain management results. Whether you look for instant back stiffness relief, detoxification, relaxation, body toning, or cellulite/stretch mark treatments, the results are amazing! LipoCups™ can be safely and easily used by both the spa specialists and individuals at home. Cupping can be used as a separate treatment or as a great addition to any massage or spa treatments. Cups are available to purchase for home use.

Two main techniques of Cupping Therapy are available at Sunflower Day Spa: STATIONARY CUPPING and CUPPING MASSAGE.


Cups are placed on the skin and left for a period of five to fifteen minutes. Stationary cupping is often used on both adults and children to relieve cough and colds, along with certain asthmatic conditions. Many people have memories of a grandmother who still practiced cupping. Many of our clients are big fans of back cupping. The suction anchors the cups to your back. You can feel your skin tightening and rising into the cups like a soufflé. The cups are applied in quick succession over your entire back, and you begin to relax and feel pain free.

Stationary Cupping is not an irritant to the skin or body but it can cause bruising and leave circular marks called “cup kiss” for days afterwards which will gradually fade. But it takes the pain away!

Some benefits of Stationary Cupping include:

  • pain management for sore or stiff muscles and joint pain
  • detoxifies body by eliminating toxins through improved lymph circulation
  • help with bronchitis, colds, digestive disorders and constipation
  • intensifies body and skin metabolism
  • clears stagnation which cause pain and fat buildups and loosen adhesions
  • improves blood, lymph and energy circulation

15 / 30 minutes       $ 25 / 50


A strong vacuum created inside of the cup will mimic the rolling action of deep tissue massage without the discomfort. The lighter suction is used for sedation of nervous system and lymphatic drainage as stronger movement may works for stubborn knots and areas of rigid tissue and cellulite. The skin will turn red with strong cupping, indicating that the circulation has been brought to the surface. Application of essential oil blends or slimming gels immediately after the cupping will enable the absorption of the product deep into the tissue.

Some benefits of Cupping Massage include:

  • Body contouring, toning and firming with visible results
  • Drains and moves fluids, relieves inflammation
  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Intensifying metabolism and dermal respiration
  • Improves blood, lymph and energy circulation
  • Provides instant muscle tension relieve
  • Especially good for detoxification and circulatory problems
  • Helps body slimming by clearing stagnation and reducing fat deposits
  • Relieves the back, shoulder and neck pain, leg and hand numbness
  • Improves the immune system and resistance to allergies and colds

15 / 30 minutes       $ 25 / 50


The therapeutic benefits of cupping were known since ancient times. The original applications of cupping were using the hollow animal horns to treat many disorders and accelerate the healing process of diseases. The air was removed from the horn by sucking it out after placing the cup on the skin, creating a vacuum suction inside of the cup.

Animal horns were replaced by bamboo. Later the glass cups were used, which the air would be removed by burning a piece of cotton inside the cup. Cupping therapy eventually was spread to Europe and the Americas. In recent history, cupping was widely used by doctors and holistic practitioners. It is used in modern equipment like breast pumps, lymphatic drainage and other facial and body vacuum equipment.

At Sunflower Day Spa we offer you a long term solution to persisting problems – wonderful, light weight, easy to use and clean LipoCups™ which will benefit your body in many ways helping you to stay well. LipoCups™ are new, innovative and extremely EFFECTIVE devices made of flexi material which allows creating suction by squeezing and releasing the cup. They come in three different sizes and shapes, work perfect on almost all areas of the body and face, last lifetime and take your inches under control for good! No more flame or pumps. Just squeeze with ease!